Hannah Lariviere Certified Nursing Assistant
Published: 2017-04-12

Hannah Lariviere Certified Nursing Assistant
Having received the clinical training necessary for her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) licensure there just last year, senior Biology major Hannah Lariviere returned to Seal Rock Healthcare this past summer to complete an internship serving as a CNA. Located in Saco, Maine, Seal Rock offers a variety of health services spanning rehabilitation, long-term and hospice care, with an emphasis on their quality nursing care and comfortable living spaces. The work of a CNA can vary greatly depending on the setting, but generally involves the fast-paced relaying of information and personal bedside care under a registered nurse, consisting of long hours and an intense workload.

Lariviere, already familiar with the facility, was able to take on a good number of these tasks specific to the long-term care focus of Seal Rock. On any given day Lariviere could be found taking vital signs or blood sugar readings, providing incontinence care or going about the daily bathing, feeding, dressing, repositioning and transfer of patients, employing Hoyer lifts, Sara lifts, gait belts and more.

CNAs like Hannah are also charged with more psychological support: reorienting and reassuring confused dementia patients while guiding others through end-of-life care. Assistance with daily living activities as well as ambulation plans and range of motion exercises made the work physically demanding, in addition to the long hours spent on foot. These hours could be parceled out in shifts from 3pm-11pm or even 3pm-3am, making a 40 hour work week the bare minimum for Lariviere.

Due to the lengthy hours spent at Seal Rock, Hannah had little time for outside activities. She has, however, remained very active on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College, serving as Teaching Assistant for the Cell Biology & Genetics lab since fall her sophomore year, as well as Chemistry Stockroom worker and Shrader Club Publicity Assistant. Outside of academia, Lariviere has just rounded out her fourth year on the ENC tennis team, being named to the Commonwealth Coast Conference All-Academic list this fall.

Upon leaving ENC, Hannah will be attending Thomas Jefferson University's Full-time Accelerated Coursework Track one year program to receive her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While she now endeavors to be a Registered Nurse, Lariviere's initial trajectory before enrolling in her first internship included medical school. However, she took a critical look at the work of doctors and nurses around her and fell in love with the role of nurses in healthcare. "Participating in this internship made me realize that my passion lies in nursing, so it made me change my career path."

Hannah leaves her second summer at Seal Rock with a positive overall impression, having enjoyed the clinical experience she gained during her time as a CNA. "I would highly recommend this type of internship to other students, whether they are interested in going into nursing or not." Having had an influential internship alter her career path herself, Lariviere emphasizes the importance of gaining clinical experience in the medical field before applying to graduate programs.

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