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Summer Internship: Michael O'Brien
Published: 2012-10-31

Michael is a Senior from Manchester, ME and is double majoring in Physics and Electrical Engineering.  He shared the following about his summer internship.

"This past summer I was at the University of Maryland, College Park in their Micro-robotics Research Experience for Undergraduates program. I worked to program small ground robots to perform tasks using a quadrotor as a sort of local "gps" for guidance. A major problem with miniature robots is that they have trouble knowing where they are in their environment. I worked to solve this problem by programming the small robots to interact with a quadrotor (which has more knowledge of the environment) so that they can perform tasks more effectively.

I've really enjoyed the physics/engineering program at ENC. Before I've even completed my undergraduate education, I've already had 3 summers of research experience, a publication in a scientific journal, and a patent pending. Not only are the professors at ENC top-rate, but they really care about me as a person and want to see me succeed. This has really opened up opportunities for me as a student which will give me a major advantage after I leave. "

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