Supplemental Materials

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Index of Supplemental Materials

Standard One

1.1       Mission, Vision and Values Statements (via url and in file format)

1.2       Mission Survey Results

1.3       Charter Documents


Standard Two

2.1       Strategic Planning Documents

2.2       Sports-Entertainment-Media & Consulting Report

2.3       Education and Social Work Program Reviews

2.4       Planning Survey and Chair Planning Survey Results

2.5       Planning Stewardship Team Minutes

2.6       Student/Faculty Ratio by Department Data

2.7       Customer Service Report

2.8       Performa Workshop Materials


Standard Three

3.1       Board Of Trustees Roster and Profile

3.2       Trustee Bylaws

3.3       Foundation Bylaws

3.4       Trustee Meeting Minutes


Standard Four

4.1       New vs. Old General Education Requirements

4.2       Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Workshop Materials

4.3       Program Review Template

4.4       Program Review Schedule

4.5       NEASC 2000: Visiting Team Report

4.6       NEASC 1993: Focused Evaluation of LEAD Programs

4.7       Community College Articulation Agreements

4.8       Adult and Graduate Studies Program Information

4.9       2009-2010 Course Syllabi

4.99    Other Data


Standard Five

5.1       Faculty Rosters By Degree

5.2       Updated (May 2009) Promotion and Tenure Policy

5.3       LEAD Faculty Handbook

5.4       Annual Review Forms

5.5       Faculty Scholarship Survey

5.6       Course Evaluation Forms

5.7       Adult and Graduate Studies Grade Distribution Report


Standard Six

6.1       Retention by Academic Level

6.2       Retention Focus Groups Project

6.3       Academic Contract – Probation/Academic Warning

6.4       Academic Standing Committee Minutes

6.5       Resident Assistant/Director Training Manual

6.6       New Student Orientation and First Year Experience Information

6.7       Center for Academic Services Usage Statistics

6.8       Athletic Strategic Plan (2008)

6.9       Retention IPED Data


Standard Seven


Standard Eight

8.1       Campus Maps

8.2       List of Campus Facilities and Properties

8.3       Improvements and Renovations By Building

8.4       Summary of Student Survey

8.5       ITS Inventory

8.6       Other ITS Information


Standard Nine

9.1       Standard & Poors Report

9.2       Graphic Financial Profile


Standard Ten


Standard Eleven


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