AIMS Magazine (Activities Integrating Math and Science)
Jul/Aug 1993-Sum 2011v. 8-25Unbound (IRC)
Formerly titled: AIMS Newsletter
Title ceased
AIMS Newsletter (Activities Integrating Math and Science)
Jul/Aug 1987 to May/Jun 1993v. 2-7Unbound (IRC)
Title changed to: AIMS Magazine
AAUP Bulletin
1961-1973v. 47-59Compact Shelving (G)
1974-1977v. 60-63Microfilm
Title changed to: Academe
AIChE Journal
1970-1973, 1978-1980v. 16-19, 24-26Compact Shelving (G)
Abridged Index Medicus
Sep 1994-Sep 1997v. 25:9-28:9Indices (G)
Abstracts for Social Workers
1965-1974v. 1-10Compact Shelving (G)
1975-1977v. 11-13Microfilm
Title changed to: Social Work Research & Abstracts
1978-1984v. 64-70Microfilm
1985-2006v. 71-92Fiche
2007-Feb 2010v. 93-96Compact Shelving (G)
Formerly titled: AAUP Bulletin
Title cancelled
Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
1994-Oct 2009v. 11-26Compact Shelving (G)
Title cancelled
Affirmation and Critique
Jul 1996-2011v. 1-15Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
1964-1980, 1982-1985v. 34-50, 52-55Compact Shelving (G)
1981v. 51Missing
Africa Report
1966 - Feb1986v. 11-31Compact Shelving (G)
1978v. 23Missing
African American Review (AAR)
2008-2009v. 42-43Compact Shelving (G)
2010 to currentUnbound
Alcohol Health and Research World
1991, 1994-1998v. 15, 18-22Compact Shelving (G)
Alcohol Research & Health
1999-2007v. 23-30Compact Shelving (G)
Alliance Life
Mar 1988-Feb 1989Compact Shelving (G)
American Anthropologist
2005v. 107Fiche
2006-2012v. 108-114Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Anthropologist and Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association
Cum. Index 1959-1969v. 61-71Compact Shelving (G)
American Arab Affairs
1984-Win 1990/1991nos. 8-35Compact Shelving (G)
American Behavioral Scientist (ABS)
1957-1985v. 1-28Microfilm
Sep 1986-2002v. 29-45Fiche
American Biology Teacher
2005-2012v. 67-74Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Child
1965-1968v. 47-50Microfilm
Title changed to: New Generation
American Cinematographer
Apr 1999-2012v. 80-93Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Education
1965-1984v. 1-20Microfilm
1985v. 21Fiche
American Film
1981-1984v. 7-10Microfilm
Oct 1985-Feb 1991v. 11-16Fiche
American Heritage
1963-Spr 2011v. 14-66:1Compact Shelving (G)
Title cancelled
American Historical Association
1992-2000Compact Shelving (G)
American Historical Review
1895-1984v. 1-89Microfilm
2003-2006v. 90-111Fiche
2007-2011v. 112-116Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
American Journal of Education
Nov 2003- Aug 2006"v. 94-108, 111-112"Fiche
2003, Nov 2006-2011v. 109-110, 113-118Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
American Journal of Nursing
1965-1984v. 65-84Microfilm
1985-1986v. 85-86Fiche
1987-2008v. 87-108Compact Shelving (G)
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
1978-1984v. 48-54Microfilm
1985-2005v. 55-75Fiche
2006-2008v. 76-78Compact Shelving (G)
American Journal of Physics
Cum. Index 1933-1972Compact Shelving (G)
1948-1974, 1979-2012v. 16-42, 47-80Compact Shelving (G)
1975-1978v. 43-46Missing
2013 to currentUnbound
American Journal of Psychology
2009 to currentUnbound
American Journal of Psychotherapy
1978-1989, 1991-2009v. 32-43, 45-63:1Compact Shelving (G)
1990v. 44Missing
American Journal of Sociology
2006-2011v. 112-117Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
American Journal of Sports Medicine
1996-2005v. 24-33Compact Shelving (G)
American Libraries
1970-1984v. 1-15Microfilm
1985-2005v. 16-36Fiche
2006-2012v. 37-43Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Literature: A Journal of Literary History, Criticism, and Bibliography
2000-2006v. 57-78Fiche
2007-2012v. 79-84Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Organist
1979-2011v. 13-45Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
American Psychologist
1946-1984v. 1-39Microfilm
1985-2003v. 40-58Fiche
American Quarterly
2006-2012v. 58-64Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Rehabilitation
1994-2000v. 19-25Compact Shelving (G)
American Scholar
1932-Fall 1985v. 1-54Microfilm
Win 1985-1998v. 55-67Fiche
American School Board Journal
1960-1984v. 140-171Microfilm
1985-2006v. 172-193Fiche
2007-2012v. 194-199Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Scientist
1971-1984v. 59-72Microfilm
1985-2006v. 73-94Fiche
2007-2012v. 95-100Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Sociological Review
2006-2012v. 71-77Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Statistician
2006-Feb 2008v. 60-62(1)Compact Shelving (G)
American Studies International
1979-1980v. 17-19Compact Shelving (G)
American Theatre
1984-2012v. 1-29Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
American Visions
1986-2000v. 1-15Compact Shelving (G)
2009-Jun 2012v. 61-64:3Compact Shelving (G)
Title ceased
Analytical Chemistry
1947-2011v. 19-84Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
Andover Newton Quarterly
1960-1980v. 53-58, 7-20Compact Shelving (G)
Cum. Index 1956-1975v. 303-422Indices (G)
Applied Science and Technology Index
1958-Aug 1996Indices (G)
Arauto Da Santidade
1996Compact Shelving (G)
Arithmetic Teacher
1954-1985v. 1-32Microfilm
Sep 1985-May 1994v. 33-41Fiche
Title changed to: Teaching Children Mathematics
Art Journal
2006-Win 2009v. 65-68Compact Shelving (G)
Formerly titled: College Art Journal
Art News
1952-2012v. 51-111Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
Arts and Activities
1964-Apr 2011v. 55-149Compact Shelving (G)
Title cancelled
Asbury Herald
1987-2011v. 98-121Compact Shelving (G)
2012 to currentUnbound
Asbury Journal
2007-2008v. 62Compact Shelving (G)
Spr-Fall 2011v. 63-66Fiche
2012v. 67Compact Shelving (G)
2013 to currentUnbound
Asbury Seminarian
1946-1985v. 1-40Microfilm
Asbury Theological Journal
1986-2006v. 41-61Fiche
Association of American Colleges Bulletin
1932, 1940-1957v. 18, 26-43Compact Shelving (G)
Athletic Journal
1947-1958v. 28-39Compact Shelving (G)
1949-1950, 1952v. 30-31, 33Missing
1959-1985v. 40-65Microfilm
1985-May 1987v. 66-67Fiche
Atlantic Monthly
1857-1879, 1922-1974v. 1-44, 129-234Compact Shelving (G)
1975-1984v. 235-254Microfilm
1985-2012v. 255-310Fiche
2013 to currentUnbound
Audubon Magazine
1963-Sep/Oct 2009v. 65-111:5Compact Shelving (G)
1977v. 79Missing
A-V Communication Review
1962-1964v. 10-12Compact Shelving (G)
1968-1977v. 16-25Microfilm
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