Jars of Clay - Concert Photos

The tour buses pull in to campus!
Don't mess with RD Mat Thomas!
Setting up in Lahue Gymnasium
Merchandise tables in the lobby
Matt and Dave help set up for the concert
RD Hart Olson helping set up and overseeing the ENC roadie crew
Setting up
Senior Adam Berg sets up equipment
Sean Reese and Josh Vachon work security
Ready for sound check!
Jars of Clay merchandise in front of the Carroll F. Bradley Hall of Fame award case
Tables for Blood:Water Mission and Matt Maher
Merchandise for Derek Webb
Audrey Assad's CDs set up for sale
The band crew tests the lighting and makes final adjustments
The Shelter Tour: "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live" - Irish Proverb
Meghan Jean-Noel works with student volunteers at the Will Call table
First in line!
Audrey Assad during sound check
Audrey Assad and Matt Maher rehearse Bruce Springstein's "Hungry Heart"
Class Councils and the softball team selling food, baked goods, and water
Tim Golden working the evening
Tyler Adcox cooks up hot dogs to sell for the Junior Class
Set up outside Lahue
Lining up waiting for the doors to open
Micaela Donovan and Cait Donnelly working the merchandise table for Matt Maher!
Payne Ford, Jillian Noyes, and Raymond Cheung work the merchandise table for Jars of Clay
Getting ready for the meet-and-greet
Student volunteers waiting for Jars of Clay
Chaplain Corey MacPherson introducing the band to the students and volunteers
Chatting with the students
Jars of Clay: Charlie Lowell, Steve Mason, Dan Haseltine (Matt Odmark couldn't be here)
Listening intently
Dan Haseltine talking about the meaning of their CD, "The Shelter" (or about really cheesy sci-fi movies)
ENC students got to ask the band questions
Charlie answers while Steve and Dan look on
Students enjoying the discussions
Photo opp!
Seniors Grace Kabemba and Julia Mattoon with the band
Erica McGrath takes photos for the student workers
Dan Kessler, Security Guard for the concert
Erica coaches everyone for the photo.
Signing a couple autographs
Dan signs an autograph
The line for the concert stretches down Wendell Ave.
6:00 - Doors open!
Taking tickets for the concert
ENC students Jennifer Jacquet, Debbie Williams and Rebecca Hammer
Students coming in for the concert
The Lady Lions softball team sells water for the guests
Lining up in front of the stage
Meandering around the merchandise tables
Waiting for the concert to start
Chaplain Corey MacPherson welcomes the crowd
Corey welcomes everyone to the concert
Audrey Assad opens the evening
Audrey Assad
Singing along
Audrey Assad performing in Lahue Gymnasium
Audrey Assad
Matt Maher joins Audrey Assad on stage
Performing for a full-house
Audrey Assad and Matt Maher
Matt Maher performing
Matt Maher
Enjoying the concert
Matt Maher leading the crowd in worship
A full Lahue Gymnasium
Band member playing the bass
An evening of praise
Unified in worship
"Holy is His name"
Guitarist for Matt Maher
Drumming away
A great concert experience
Front row seats
Matt Maher with the ENC gym behind him
Praising God
From the crowd
Audrey Assad rejoins Matt Maher on stage
Audrey Assad singing
Matt Maher switches from the guitar to the keyboard
Praising God through music
Matt Maher's guitarist
Worshiping in community
Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay speaks about Blood:Water Mission, a non-profit organization aiding Africans in poverty
Derek Webb tunes up
Derek Webb brings a unique acoustic style to the stage
Derek Webb
Derek Webb changes to an electronic vibe
Derek Webb
Steve Mason tunes up
Freshman Brent Neely and Senior Grace Kabemba ready for Jars of Clay
Securing the front lines
Front row crew excited for Jars of Clay!
Corey sets the stage for Jars of Clay
Senior Grace Kabemba called Jars of Clay and convinced them to come to ENC
Grace Kabemba introduces Jars of Clay!
Lead singer Dan Haseltine
Dan Haseltine
Jars of Clay at ENC
Steve Mason and Dan Haseltine sing to the crowd
A full and excited gymnasium
Charlie Lowell on piano, Steve Mason on guitar, Dan Haseltine singing lead vocals
Steve, Charlie and Dan
Steve sings out
Dan Haseltine
Dan sings to the crowd
Charlie breaks out the accordion
Getting the crowd fired up
Steve with the acoustic guitar
Front line crowd
View of Jars of Clay from the crowd
The audience's turn to sing
Charlie and the band
Collective worship
Steve playing
Rockin' the snare drum
Steve Mason
Audrey Assad joins Jars of Clay
Matt Maher joins Dan
Dan Haseltine and Matt Maher
Steve sings from the heart
Dan Haseltine
Charlie Lowell
Song list
Standing room only
Jars of Clay at Lahue Gymnasium
Jars of Clay
"In the shelter of each other we will live"
Thanking the crowd
Derek Webb and Steve Mason share the mic for "I'll Fly Away"
A tambourine face-off
Roars of applause
Thanking Him
Lining up for a bow
Autograph signing in the Lahue lobby
Signing away
Signing a T-shirt
A future musician?
Pausing for a photo
Steve chatting with ENC students
Students line up for autographs
Charlie thanks Grace for contacting them
Signing tickets and posters
Jars of Clay with Grace in the Lahue lobby. A great night!
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