Wireless Network Upgrade Fall 2013

Look for the new wireless SSID called “ENC”. You will note that the connection process includes registering on the network to get access similar to what you might have seen at a hotel. The following are just a few of the key benefits of this system:

  • Latest wireless technology.
  • Stronger radio signal – The new wireless access points are more powerful and therefore able to reach further out across campus
  • Simplified SSID name – The SSID “ENC” has replaced ENC Student, Employee and Guest for less confusion.
  • Easier connections – Simply connect to “ENC”, open a browser, login with your NetID to register your device and the system remembers you – even if you connect a wireless access point in another area on campus.
  • More reliable access – Our goal is to limit the number of steps to get you connected and stay connected.
  • More users per access point - The new wireless access points will support more users and we plan to deploy more of them over time. Should one unit get overloaded, traffic can automatically move to a nearby unit.
  • Roaming between access points – As you move about campus, you should seamlessly connect to the next access point and retain connection as long as the signal of one access point touches another.
  • Devices tied to NetID – Once you register, we remember the “MAC address” of your device (computer, tablet or smart phone, etc.) and don’t ask you to login again for an extended period.
  • Better management tools – The new system has an updated console that allows us to locate your device by NetID and provide better support in the event of problems.
    Important:  Be sure to register devices using your NetID if you have one.  Registering as a guest does not offer the same browsing experience.  If you have done so, please contact ITS so that you can re-register your device.
Learn how to get connected.

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