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Donald Yerxa
Donald Yerxa
Director of the Honors Scholar Society

Donald Yerxa, who became an emeritus professor of history in 2009, is chair of the History Department. He serves as editor of Fides et Historia, the peer-reviewed journal of the Conference on Faith and History.

For a decade Yerxa served as assistant director and then director of The Historical Society, a professional historical association of about one thousand members located at Boston University. In 2011, he became director of the Society’s $3.5 million Religion and Innovation in Human Affairs (RIHA) grants program (funded by the John Templeton Foundation). He is senior editor of Historically Speaking (published for The Historical Society by the Johns Hopkins University Press) and a contributing editor of Books & Culture. Yerxa is author, co-author, or editor of ten books, the most recent of which is British Abolitionism and the Question of Moral Progress in History (University of South Carolina Press, 2012).

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