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Student Accounts
Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and information to our students, the Eastern Nazarene College community, and all outside constituents, in order to achieve a clear and clean financial picture and enable paid in full status on all accounts.

Online Student Billing Please log in to see your student bill online.

For students and parents desiring to pay educational expenses in monthly installments, a 10 month interest-free payment plan is offered through Tuition Management Services

For 2006-2007 students, please print these two documents and send in both the Payment Contract and Worksheet by July 15.   The details of payment i.e. TMS Tuition Payment Plan, MEFA Student Alternative Loan, Sallie Mae Signature Loan, PLUS Loan or MEFA Undergrad Loan need to be in place by August 1.

If you have questions, please email the Office of Student Accounts at .
Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to download/ print the above documents