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When is Undergraduate Registration?

Registration for returning students is held each spring. Students are expected to propose a course schedule for the following J Term, spring, summer, and fall semesters of the next academic year to their faculty advisor in the spring. This means students are planning and registering for their entire academic year in the spring. Each spring there is an Advising Day set aside for student advising in order to plan for the following academic year. At the beginning of each semester there is one day of registration to provide opportunities to make changes to your schedule. You need to plan wisely in the spring to avoid having to make changes later. Please also be aware that the Registrar's Office communicates extensively with students about registration issues via email - and for current students you are held accountable for info we send to you at your account! The "grace period" is now over! Check your email please! If you do not know your username/password check here.

Semester Information

Eastern Nazarene College operates on the semester system with a quad semester during the month of January. Fall semester runs from the end of August/early September to December and Spring semester runs from the end of January to May.

Some Important Facts About Registering
  • Students who do not register for classes in the Spring cannot be guaranteed courses will be open.
  • Students who have not met their financial obligations to the college will not be allowed to register for the following semester. Please see Student Accounts for more details.
  • Deadlines for registration are listed in the Academic Calendar.
  • Student must follow the Registration Process in order to properly register for classes.