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Office of Student Development


There are exciting things happening at Eastern Nazarene College and I have the privilege of being a part of one of the offices on campus responsible for creating a large part of that excitement and fun!

Student Development is directly concerned with the health and well being of ENC students. The services provided have a profound effect on the quality of life at ENC. Student Development offers a wide range of services to students at Eastern Nazarene College. Included under the umbrella of Student Development is residential life, student life, student judiciary processes, athletics, counseling, career, health services, food service, multicultural affairs, new student orientation, student leadership development and training, student government and students organizations.

I have adopted the words and prayer of Richard J. Foster as our Student Development Prayer:

Holy Spirit of God, please show me:
     how to work relaxed,
     how to make each task an offering of faith,
     how to view interruptions as doors to service,
     how to see each person as my teacher in things eternal.
In the name of Him who always worked unhurried.

This prayer embodies our vision and goals as we work to develop a community of whole persons who strive to grow not only in their academic lives but in their faith, values, and personal development as well. The campus environment plays a vital part in all areas of this development, and it is the responsibility of the Office of Student Development to assure that an environment of growth is possible for each student.

If you are not plugged into the community or its activities look up a Resident Assistant, Resident Director, or stop by the office to see how you can become a vital member of the community!

Vernon L. Wesley
Vice President for Student Development
Phone: 617-745-3717
Fax: 617-745-3980
E-mail: vernon.wesley@enc.edu