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Named for the saint of encouragement, Barnabas is a ministry that follows in those very footsteps. Members write encouragement cards and send gifts to the faculty, staff, and students at ENC. The aim is to show appreciation to people for their services and contributions to the ENC community, as well as let them know that people are praying for them.

ENC's Warriors

The primary goal of ENC's Warriors is to lift up the campus in prayer, and to encourage the school community with scripture. Every week this group meets for a time of prayer and devotion, and to choose a verse to print out on fliers and hang up around campus.

Big Brother, Big Sister

Through this program, students are given the opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of a child. While students do provide practical help and support, they make the biggest impact simply by assuring the kids that somebody cares for them.

  • The Big Brother Program Testimony

    Ryan Augusta - "Being a Big Brother is a great time. I feel blessed coming from a home where I learned to love others and be loved, along with being taught the right and wrong ways to live. As part of the program, I make a difference in a kid's life who may not have the same structure at home, and who may be missing a key part of his upbringing. As a Big Brother, I am always there for him to give advice, to listen to his stories about anything without judging him and to answer questions about things he may not understand. For me it is a great experience.

    My little brother is very shy. We have only been matched up for 3 months now but he was quick to open up to me, and we have a lot of fun together. It is a huge responsibility, but at the same time it is a lot of fun. Not only does your Little Brother or Sister look up to you, the parent(s) are so very grateful for your time and efforts, which makes the whole experience that much more fulfilling."


Students reach out to the families of Germantown, the poorest neighborhood in Quincy, by providing a variety of activities and services. Every week these underprivileged children come to ENC, where students help with homework, hang out, and have fun.

  • The Germantown Neighborhood Program Testimony

    Lilian Arteaga - "My junior year I began working with Germantown Neighborhood Center. Over the course of the year I taught a drama class that basically served as a creative outlet for the students where they could feel safe in a fun, stimulating, and enriching environment. During the summer I was part of leading the GirlPower group, which basically taught girls that they are of worth and should be treated so. I was there as someone who they could trust and talk to. It was a great experience to know that I made a difference in a child's life. What I didn't anticipate, however, was that I would in turn take away something from it. A lot of these children just need someone to be there to talk to or just play games. They just want to know that someone cares."

Women of GRACE

This new ministry encourages and empowers women to live to their full potential. Women of GRACE began their first semester with a fun tea party and a more serious forum on the exploitation of women in the media.

Jump Drama

"Jump drama ministry is a group of students who gather together once a week to share their talent, and love for theatre and music, by fellowshipping with one another and worshipping God. Drama is an art form that has a tremendous impact on people, and so we use our talents in drama to reach out, and to minister." - Preston Graveline

Open Hand, Open Heart

"Open Hand/Open Heart is a homeless ministry which travels to the Boston Commons/Downtown Crossing area twice every Saturday to minister to the homeless.

We minister to them physically with food, clothing, blankets, etc. . . However that is not our only focus. We are very intent on establishing relationships with the people so that we can be better and truer friends to them, and show them the impact that Christ has had on us. This isn't always easy, but it's something to strive for." - Josh Burley


"STAND (Students Tackling AIDS kNeeling Down) is an AIDS outreach ministry designed to help students be agents of Christ's love and reconciliation in the face of HIV/AIDS. This ministry focuses on prayer, awareness, and campus and community outreach in the form of events and volunteer services. We are affiliated with Acting On AIDS, an organization out of World Vision that is designed to mobilize college students to do something about global AIDS. This semester, we are reading together "The AIDS Crisis" about AIDS and the Church, written by two Christians who have spent years on the front lines of the fight against AIDS. We are also hosting a Broken Bread Meal, an event sponsored by World Vision, Acting On AIDS and the North American Miller's Association (NAMA) free and open to the campus and community." - Liz Kemmerer