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Dr. Henrik Scheuer

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Dr. Henrik Scheuer

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  • Dr. Scheuer has experience both in academia and in industry. In academia he has always strived to make his research applicable to the industrial partners of the universities:

    At TUD (Technical University of Denmark) he designed a configurable network processor which could be configured to implement the physical layer in the OSI reference model for a number of network protocols. At Manchester University, UK - he researched the energy efficiency for a number key features in a micro-processor such as instruction formats, register files and cache designs.

    In industry. Dr. Scheuer has been involved in modelling a super-computer and provide feedback to architects and help determining parameters in the design. Later, he has verified many types of products from basic line cards to network-, graphics- and microprocessors. He has extensive experience with many programming languages including C++ and SystemVerilog.


  • PhD CS, Manchester University, Manchester, United Kingdom
                    - Thesis: "Energy Efficient Computer Architecture"
  • MSc EE, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
                  - Thesis: "Flexible Implementation of High Speed Network Protocols" (In Danish)
                  - Other topics studied: Computer architecture, high speed digital design and high speed networking (In Danish)


  • Alex Wakefield and Henrik Scheuer: "Constraint Solver Diagnostics", presented at BSNUG-2008, Boston, September 2008
  • Edited and provided suggestions for "Hardware Verification with C++, A Practitioner's Handbook" by Mike Mintz and Robert Ekendahl, Published by Springer, 2006, ISBN 9780387255439
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