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Haywood Satz

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Haywood Satz

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Haywood Satz has been a Principal Technical Staff member in the aerospace industry, Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty at U Mass, Lowell, and Polytechnic of Brooklyn, Senior-Grade/Life member of the IEEE, and most recently, has joined the Physics and Engineering Department, as an Adjunct Faculty, at Eastern Nazarene College.

Woody has modeled the physical systems of aircraft and space vehicle flight control, radio/inertial navigation, and the radar-detection and orbit-determination of space objects.  His background and experience includes the analysis of feedback control stability, and the determination of statistical filtering convergence.  He has a BEE from CCNY, an MEE from Brooklyn Polytechnic, and passing the qualifiers, done some research in the application of rational matrices to linear/time-invariant system stability

Mr. Satz’s history includes scientific consultation to industry, winning a grant from NASA/MSFC (via the Small Business Association) to do research for global positioning system (GPS) navigation and attitude determination of orbiting spacecraft.  He was cited by NASA for an innovative approach to phase-ambiguity resolution in the design of GPS attitude determination.



  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, City College of New York
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