ENC Society Harbor Cruise Photos

E.J. and Keri Lewis chat with Dr. McGee as they board the boat
Place settings
The ENC Society banner in the stairwell leading to the function room
Dr. McGee welcomes guests before the meal
One side of the function room
A server takes the table's order
Dr. Scott Turcott welcomes guests to the harbor cruise
ENC Society members share tables with student scholarship recipients
Melissa Lowell, SGA President 2011-12 Payne Ford, Junior Heejung Eom, and E.J. and Keri Lewis
Ron & Fran Wright, Anne & Newell Smith, Linda & Dennis Scott, and Glenda & Steve Dillman smile for a picture
Mike & Joan Holt, Bennie & Lorne Ranstrom, and Stacey & Jeff Barker await their meals
Student Chima Ezeigbo enjoys getting to know Merritt Mann, Marti & Jerry McCloy, Art & Lois Woodward, and Judy Mann
Bill Driscoll, Amy Hwang, Terttu Savoie, Lorraine Gill, Don Young and senior Julia Mattoon enjoy cruising around the Boston Harbor 
Tyler & Ruth Wooster, Elizabeth & Timothy Wooster, Richard & Ruth Jarvis, and Joyce Young are anxious to set sail
Ribka Wesley, Anita & Rick Harmon, and Vern Wesley get to know student Sidney Karr
ENC Society Coordinator Erin Stone welcomes the members
Dr. Scott Turcott prays over the meal
2011-2012 SGA President Payne Ford expresses his thanks to the members for supporting him with a scholarship
2011 Outstanding Senior Girl Julia Mattoon speaks about her ENC experience
Julia speaks to the Society members about her scholarship
Dr. McGee speaks to the members and thanks them for their participation and generosity
Dr. Scott Turcott speaks to the Society members
A proof of the forthcoming plaque with the names of the ENC Society members stands in the function room
A great band provided music for the afternoon!
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