Social Justice Literary Journal
The Social Justice Literary Journal is a new initiative in collaboration with the Language, Theater, and Communications Department. The magazine will serve as a microphone for social justice and personal responsibility issues evident in our neighborhood, but are also symptoms of global problems. Writings will consist of poetry, essays, stories, and thoughts on social justice and educational equality. Issues will be printed in October and April.

Submission Contests for Fall 2013

Magazine Name - Now accepting submission ideas for the name of the literary magazine that illustrates the social justice and personal responsibility issues evident in neighborhoods. One-word names are best, but any and all ideas will be selected.

Magazine Cover Art - Now accepting submissions of photography, 2D art, and graphic design that reflects the first edition's theme of Justice in Education. Dimensions of the final cover are 17"x11".

Content Submissions - Contribute to the magazine! Now accepting submissions relevant to the theme of Justice in Education in the form of academic articles, short fiction, screenplays (all max 1,000 words), poetry (max 1 typed page), photography, and 2D art.

Submission Details

Submit your content by September 18th by emailing with your name and contact information. Content should be attached as a Word Document, or a high-resolution editable picture file (jpeg or png). Contact Lillian for any questions or concerns.

Co-Publisher, CRJ Social Justice Literary Magazine
Associate Professor  - Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts
Division of Arts and Letters
Dr.  Marianna Krejci-Papa


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