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Who We Are
The Center for Responsibility and Justice (CRJ) at Eastern Nazarene College was founded in 2010 and its vision is to raise awareness and develop leaders to engage in impactful initiatives, which promote equality and create a just and responsible society.

Mission Statement
The Center for Responsibility and Justice at Eastern Nazarene College exists to pursue justice and reconciliation. Its mission is to raise questions, sustain conversations, and act creatively to address injustice. We endeavor to develop creative alternatives that address systematic injustice, and intentionally move toward a just world.

We will work to create a respectful environment where all participants learn through collaboration, partnerships, and service learning that transform participants and communities.

Core Goals
1. Increase the success rate of students from underserved and underrepresented populations.
2. Advocate for equality and the eradication of injustice particularly as related to education.
3. Engage in social justice activities that promote awareness and understanding.
4. Promote and support research and academic endeavors that raise awareness of social justice issues.

Current Initiatives - What We Do
Keys To Success
"Tangible Dream Makers" Program with Boston Public Schools
Social Justice Literary Journal

CRJ Stories
CRJ Leadership Retreat 
Boston Public Schools Partnership

Executive Director - Center for Responsibility and Justice
Assistant Professor - Crime, Law, and Justice
Laurie Giles  J.D.


Managing Director of the Center for Responsibility and Justice
Paul Bowen

Program Director
Yvanne Latouche


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