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The Christian Scholar - Issue Calendar and Deadlines

Spring 2011 Issue


 Week of:  
 Jan. 3
 Confirm theme/editorial focus 
 Jan. 10
 Begin writing/editing stories, collecting artwork
 March 1  All finished copy, photos to Marketing Department for design 
 March 8  Proofread and return edits to Marketing Department 
 March 15  Scholar to printer
March 22 Scholar mailed


Summer 2011 Issue


Week of:    
 April 1  Confirm issue’s theme/editorial focus
 April 8  Begin collecting/assigning stories, gathering materials
 June 2
 All finished copy, photos to Marketing Department for design
 June 9
 Proof Scholar, return edits to Marketing Department 
 June 16  Scholar to printer
June 23 Scholar mailed 


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