Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for tutoring?

You do not have to pay for drop-in tutoring in the CAS. Groups of four students or more are free for small group instruction. However, if you would like one-on-one tutoring, students pay five dollars an hour for a minimum of five sessions. We pay our tutors more, but ENC supplements your payment.

Will CAS help me write a paper?

A CAS tutor will proofread your paper, as well as help you outline and plan your paper-writing strategy. You are welcome to use the CAS space to write your paper, but the tutors are only there for consultation. For research help, the tutors can connect you with a librarian to aid you in finding proper sources for your paper.

Can I get help with math or science?

While all of the Tutors will edit papers, they specialize in specific areas of study. Be sure to check the CAS Tutoring Calendar for appropriate times to receive assistance.  

Do I have to schedule a time for editing or to get help from the CAS Tutors?

Appointments are not necessary to get help from tutors. Drop-in tutoring in the CAS is run primarily on a first come, first serve basis. Check the CAS Tutoring Calendar for times, or fill our the Request-A-Tutor form.

How can CAS help me prepare for a test?

The best way to prepare for a test is to begin when first learning the material. If something in the section is troubling, come to CAS and have someone sit down and help you. When the test is approaching, come to CAS and have a worker help you outline what you need to study for the exam. Then, go study. After you have spent some time on your own, come back to CAS with any questions you have and get a worker to help you answer them. It is best to come to CAS with specific questions so that the worker knows where to focus his/her attention.

Do you have MAPLE, SPSS, C++, DERIVE or any other specialized math and stats programs on your computers?

The Nease Computer Lab on the ground floor is equipped with SPSS on certain machines, which are labeled as such.

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