Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Boston Semester™?
The Boston Semester™ at Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA) is a study abroad program that brings students together from around the nation to take advantage of the history and culture of the Boston area. Students will receive a hands-on learning experience that includes sailing, hiking, kayaking, and strolling, as well as studying in archives, museums, and classrooms on the Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) campus. Students will take three courses on Boston’s material and intellectual history, U.S. History, and New England literature. All courses are available for transfer, as per students’ home institutional policies. Space is limited.

Where and with whom will I live?
Students will live in the men’s and women’s dormitories on the ENC campus with fellow Boston Semester™ and ENC students. All campus amenities, including the cafeteria, chapel, library, and gym will be open to Boston Semester students who are encouraged to develop relationships with each other, ENC students, and faculty. The campus is located in the town of Quincy, located approximately 9 miles south of Boston which can be easily accessed by the Red Line of the MBTA ( Full Directions).

What will a typical week of Boston Semester™ look like?

On the one hand, participants should expect a fairly “normal” college routine: studying and attending classes, while meeting other students for discussion, fellowship and fun. On the other hand, they will devote much time to exploring Greater Boston, the ENC campus and community. During the week, Boston Semester™ courses will meet in ENC classrooms, featuring lectures and discussions. But they will also occur off campus as we continue learning in museums and parks, on kayaks and boats, and in faculty homes. On many weekends, students and faculty will take one day or overnight trips to significant places, such as downtown, Lexington, and Concord, as well as Newport (Rhode Island) and the Hudson Valley (New York). Transportation, food, and lodging will be provided (when necessary), and students can plan to attend churches and return to ENC by Sunday evening.

Who can apply to the Boston Semester™?
Applicants must have completed at least one academic year at a 4-year accredited college or university, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Applicants may be undergraduate, graduate, or returning students. Although there is no religious requirement, all Boston Semester™ participants must abide by ENC’s Lifestyle Covenant (PDF).

How do I apply to the Boston Semester™?

Non-ENC students must submit a signed application (PDF) and statement endorsing ENC’s Lifestyle Covenant (PDF), as well as their complete academic transcripts, one letter of recommendation (focusing on your scholastic aptitude and personal character), and a short statement of purpose (2-4 pages, double-spaced) describing your goals for attending Boston Semester.

Applicants must submit all materials in a single sealed envelope to:
Boston Semester, Office of Admissions
Eastern Nazarene College
23 East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA, 02170.

While ENC students do not need to submit application materials, they must be in good academic standing and receive written approval from their departmental chairpersons.

How much does the Boston Semester™ cost and is financial aid available?
The Boston Semester™ is very affordable compared to similar programs. The 14-week semester costs $15,000 which includes room, board, and instructional fees; for students at Nazarene colleges and universities, the cost is $11,250. Students should submit a non-refundable deposit by March 1, 2015. Applications received by these deadlines will receive priority consideration. While the Boston Semester™ does not offer scholarship opportunities, your home university or college may supply institutional aid. Please check your school's Financial Aid Office for details.

Are there internship opportunities available?
Yes. In the Boston area, there are numerous businesses, non-profits, government and academic institutions that invite students to work and hone their skills, while preparing for future careers. Students who are interested in such opportunities must discuss and arrange them with Dr. Ben Cater.

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