William J. Driscoll
Achievement Award

William J. Driscoll (LEAD, 00) is currently serving as the Director of Adult & Graduate Studies at ENC. Bill served as Assistant Professor of Business Administration at ENC after beginning as an adjunct instructor. His involvement in the LEAD program was originally intended to be for degree completion, which it became as Bill received the BS/BA degrees. However, his passion for education was stirred; and he continued his studies resulting in multiple graduate degrees: MBA from Suffolk University in 2004 as well as the JD (law) degree from Suffolk the same year; and the LPD (Doctorate in Law and Policy) degree in 2009 from Northeastern University. As a member of the ENC faculty, Bill has brought nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in the construction, real estate,and storage businesses. In addition to business law and entrepreneurship classes, he also taught courses in accounting, finance, and small business management.

His investment back into the ENC community has been expressed in many ways including the establishment of the Jean M. Driscoll Scholarship for LEAD students. Bill is also active in the ENC Micro-Enterprise Fund and the ENC Student Investment Group and is a member of both the ENC Society and the ENC Alumni Council. ENC honored him in 2006 with an Exceptional Contribution Award for going above and beyond the call of duty in building the Adult & Graduate Studies Division in numerous ways and again in 2010 with a Teaching Excellence Award. Since the fall of 2005, Bill has been active in the construction field through various volunteer construction projects including 36 trips to federally declared disaster zones and in several ENC campus initiatives. His passion is working alongside his three sons—Bill, Jr., John and Jamie—in volunteer settings.

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