W. Scott MacPherson III
W. Scott MacPherson III
Achievement Award

Born in North Carolina, W. Scott MacPherson, III (82) was five when his parents moved to Newfoundland as home missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene. His early years were spent involved in their ministry in Mount Pearl, Bay Roberts and in Corner Brook.

Graduating high school at fifteen, he began a Physics/Chemistry track for a year and a half at Memorial University in Newfoundland, where he participated in contract work for the math department in areas of mathematics theory. His interest in computers motivated him to change to mathematics when he transferred to ENC in the fall of ‘79. Those early courses in the newborn computer science program stretched students & faculty alike!

Meeting Donna Smith there, they were the second couple wed in the ‘new’ sanctuary at Wollaston in June, 1981, promptly moving to Upstate NY, and returning to ENC for graduation, Spring 1982.

Fascination with computers led to ‘Christmas help’ at Radio Shack, one of several jobs held throughout college; however this one lasted 15 years. Then in 1996, Samaritan Medical Center brought him on as project leader, helping prepare them for the new millennium.

These positions allowed him to provide for his growing family, Sarah (‘06), Bethany (‘10), and W Scott IV (SUNY Potsdam ‘13), in a fulfilling way but their real worth was in allowing ministry opportunities for God and the Church of the Nazarene through numerous board memberships including the local church for 25+ years; as an ENC trustee; for CareNet, a crisis pregnancy center; and for the local and district Nazarene Youth International for up to 15 years. He also organized retreats and events at the local and district levels, led small groups for all ages, and served on Work and Witness in Peru, Nova Scotia, and Mexico.

Scott is enjoying life with Donna, living on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, working and worshiping in Watertown. He counts his family as his greatest accomplishment, and includes all of the ‘kids’ that he has had the privilege to work alongside through three decades of service. Quoting the Timothy Award letter from Gary Hartke, “(Scott’s) legacy is the lives of the youth in whom (he) took a genuine interest.” May that legacy extend into eternity.

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