Master of Science in Management

A master's degree in business can give you the competitive edge you need to take your career to the next level. Whether you're already in a management position, or you desire to move your career in that direction, a Master of Science in Management gives you the tools you need to effectively manage the people and resources of any organization.

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) Degree Program is a professional academic program for adult students. It is a 36-semester-hour curriculum. This program provides a broad business background and analytical skills in the area of management including leadership, ethics, finance, economics, marketing, human resources, organizational theory, and behavior.

Master of Science in Management Program Requirements

  • Designed for students who possess a bachelor degree in business.
  • A maximum of two course waivers are allowed. Transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges require an evaluation by the admissions office.

Master Courses

MS517 Organizational Theory, Behavior and Change 
MS525 Introduction to the Integrated Thesis: Research Methodology, Design, Statistics
MS530 Financial Issues for Managers
MS535 Economic Issues for Managers
MS540 Human Resource Management Seminar
MS541 Thesis Checkpoint 
MS545 Management Information and Decision Design
MS550 Foundations of Leadership Theory
MS552 Ethical Leadership
MS553 Leadership in the Global Marketplace
MS554 Applied Leadership Strategy and Policy
MS562 Marketing Communications
MS565 Thesis Seminar




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Pursue Your Career Goals

As a graduate student at ENC, you will experience the benefit of accelerated education combined with personal attention. By meeting just one night a week, you can earn your master's degree in approximately two years. Our faculty members are chosen for their professional experience and commitment to education, and their facilitation of dynamic discussion between members of your cohort will serve to engage you in the classroom and increase your learning.



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