Animal Caretakers Team

The ENC Animal Caretakers Team (ACT) maintains a collection of 15-20 animals, many of which are rescued or adopted and have been given homes in the Biology Department of ENC. The collection consists mainly of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Our animals include a carpet python (Orion), ball python (Slick), two corn snakes (Izzy and Pumpkin), Sonoran gopher snake, eastern chain kingsnake (Link), Mexican milk snake (Salsa), northern pine snake (Baron), bearded dragon (Eragon), blue-tongued skink (Bandit), crested gecko (Lemon), two tarantulas (Chili and Rico), a spotted salamander (Styx - with permit from Mass. Fish and Wildlife), White's tree frog (Felix), and three Madagascan hissing cockroaches. We also have some other insects and millipedes we can bring with us. These animals are cared for by the team, and become ambassadors for their species as we educate our constituents about animal welfare, ecology, conservation, and wildlife.

If you are an ENC student interested in becoming an ACT team member, please email , and check out our photo gallery!

If you are from a school, church, or other organization interested in having ACT come for an educational presentation, please click here. A promo DVD is also available.

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