Academic Programs
AA in Early Childhood EducationEducation
AA in General StudiesLiberal Arts
BA in BiologyBiology
BA in Business AdministrationBusiness
BA in ChemistryChemistry
BA in Children's MinistryReligion
BA in Christian MinistryReligion
BA in Communication ArtsCommunication Arts
BA in Computer ScienceEngineering
BA in Crime, Law and Justice (Advocacy Track)Crime Law and Justice
BA in Crime, Law and Justice (General Track)Crime Law and Justice
BA in Crime, Law and Justice (Law Enforcement Track)Crime Law and Justice
BA in Crime, Law and Justice (Legal Track)Crime Law and Justice
BA in Crime, Law and Justice and Psychology - Social RelationsCrime Law and Justice
BA in Early Childhood Education Initial License Pre-K to Grade 2Education
BA in Elementary Education Initial License Grades 1-6Education
BA in Engineering StudiesEngineering
BA in Environmental StudiesBiology
BA in HistoryHistory
BA in History EducationHistory
BA in Journalism and WritingCommunication Arts
BA in Liberal Artsgeneral requirements
BA in Literatures in EnglishEnglish
BA in MathematicsMathematics
BA in Middle School Initial LicenseEducation
BA in Music (Liberal Arts)Music
BA in PhysicsPhysics
BA in Psychology - Child and AdolescentPsychology
BA in Psychology - Social RelationsPsychology
BA in ReligionReligion
BA in Secondary Education Initial LicenseEducation
BA in Social WorkSocial Work
BA in Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (TSMD) Initial License Pre K-8/Grades 5-12 Education
BA in Theatre ArtsCommunication Arts
BA in Theology and PhilosophyReligion
BA in Youth MinistryReligion
BMus in Music PerformanceMusic
BS in AccountingBusiness
BS in BiochemistryBiology
BS in BiologyBiology
BS in ChemistryChemistry
BS in Chemistry - Pre-Pharmacy Dual DegreeChemistry
BS in Computer EngineeringEngineering
BS in Computer ScienceEngineering
BS in Electrical EngineeringEngineering
BS in Environmental ScienceBiology
BS in FinanceBusiness
BS in Forensic ScienceBiology
BS in General EngineeringEngineering
BS in Global BusinessBusiness
BS in ManagementBusiness
BS in MarketingBusiness
BS in MathematicsMathematics
BS in Music EducationMusic
BS in PhysicsPhysics
BS in Psychology - Clinical and ResearchPsychology
BS in Sport ManagementBusiness
Exercise and Sport Sciences
Minor in Biblical LiteratureReligion
Minor in BiologyBiology
Minor in BusinessBusiness
Minor in ChemistryChemistry
Minor in Children's MinistryReligion
Minor in Christian MinistryReligion
Minor in Communication ArtsCommunication Arts
Minor in Computer ScienceEngineering
Minor in Crime, Law and JusticeCrime Law and Justice
Minor in EngineeringEngineering
Minor in Environmental ScienceBiology
Minor in GovernmentHistory
Minor in HistoryHistory
Minor in Journalism and WritingCommunication Arts
Minor in Literatures in EnglishEnglish
Minor in MathematicsMathematics
Minor in MissionsReligion
Minor in MusicMusic
Minor in PhilosophyPhilosophy
Minor in PhysicsPhysics
Minor in Pre-LawHistory
Minor in PsychologyPsychology
Minor in ReligionReligion
Minor in Social JusticeSocial Work
Minor in Social WelfareSocial Work
Minor in Sociology Psychology
Minor in Sport ManagementExercise and Sport Sciences
Minor in Theatre ArtsCommunication Arts
Minor in Youth MinistryReligion
Pre-Occupational TherapyBiology
Pre-Physical TherapyBiology
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