Physics and Engineering

The Physics and Engineering Department at Eastern Nazarene College provides a number of programs that demand hard work, a serious attitude about academics and individual goals, and a commitment to excellence. Students leave our programs well prepared for the workplace and graduate studies. Over the years, the high caliber of the education from the Physics and Engineering Department has earned the respect of employers and graduate schools alike. Our faculty is highly rated on their commitment to teaching excellence and their dedication to mentoring students in groundbreaking research. Students are also given an opportunity to do research towards developing innovative engineering solutions to social justice problems. We are very excited that you are exploring our Physics and Engineering Department!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our programs, our mission, or your interest in becoming a member of our Department.

Interested in more information about ENC's physics and engineering programs and opportunities in the Boston area? Download our Fact Sheet or eBook!

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Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
Dpt. Chair, Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering Dpt.
Dpt. Chair, Associate Professor, Mathematics Dpt.
Dr. Jill A. Macko
Assistant Professor, Physics and Engineering Dpt.
Dr. John U. Free
Professor emeritus, Mathematics Dpt.
Professor emeritus, Physics Dpt.
Lisa Patacchiola
Adjunct Professor, Engineering Dpt.
Izirlei Guimaraes Filho
Adjunct Professor, Physics and Engineering Dpt.
Haywood Satz
Adjunct Professor, Physics and Engineering Dpt.
Dr. John Simpson
Adjunct Professor, Physics and Engineering Dpt.
Dr. Anca Mocofanescu Ph.D
Adjunct Professor, Physics and Engineering Department Dpt.
Dr. Robert E Daniell Jr
Adjunct Professor, Physics and Engineering Department Dpt.
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