John U. Free Seminar Series

The Physics and Engineering Department is proud to sponsor this very highly anticipated seminar series for a fourth time. This series encourages collaboration and information sharing between departments, students, and alumni and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.
The John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series is held on Friday afternoons in the Spring Semester from 4:30-5:30pm in Shrader Lecture Hall. Presentations are open to all faculty, students, alumni, and interested members of the public.

To view topics and watch videos from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 presentations, please visit the Seminar Archives.

Spring 2016 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

Dates     Presenters Topics and Abstracts (PDF)

Jan. 29

    Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
~ Earthquake forecasting: How far have we come since 2011 

Feb. 12     Dr. Matthew Watterman
~ Chromosome abnormality delineation using next generation sequencing

Feb. 18
    Invited Speaker -  Dr. Eli Brookner
~ Phase Array Radars, Past Present and Future  

Feb. 25
    Dr. Phil LaFountain
    Associate Professor of Theology
~ Building a Lehman Seismometer for Amateur Contribution to PSN

Feb. 26
    Invited Speaker -  Dr. David Vogan
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
~ Finite matrix analogues of the Heisenberg "canonical commutation relations"  

Mar.  04     Invited Speaker -  Dr. Robert Daniel
~ Remote Sensing of the Upper Atmosphere from Geostationary Orbit


Apr. 08

     Andrew Hudson (15)
     Rickey Crepin (15)  

~ Stabilizing the blood sugar level in the human body, without self-injection
~ Sustainable and Renewable energy Traffic Light for used in remote cities

Apr. 15      Jonathan Lee (15)
     Sam Doody (15)  
~ Advanced liquid cooling solution for mobile devices
~ Rechargeable hearing aid with real time tracking, alarm and power monitor    

Apr. 22
     Drew Lester (15)
     Joshua Lojzim (15)
~ The impact of a concussion
~ Mathematical modeling capabilities and differences
between the Fourier and Wavelet transforms applied to medical imaging

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