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Dr. Jill A. Macko

Assistant Professor
Physics and Engineering Department

Dr. Jill A. Macko

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Dr. Macko joined the faculty at ENC in Fall 2014. She came directly from completing her PhD at MIT, where her doctoral research in the lab of Prof. Vladimir Bulovic included fabrication of ultra-lightweight, flexible solar panels and device engineering of sub-100nm-thin multijunction photovoltaics. She has thus far co-authored four journal articles, one patent application, and numerous conference presentations. Her current research aims to explore the fabrication and physics of low-capital-cost solar technologies from environmentally-safe and abundant materials.

During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Dr. Macko received extensive training and classroom instruction in college-level science and engineering pedagogies, and she looks forward to applying these at ENC. She has also participated in community science outreach for all ages and has performed educational research. She lives with her husband in Arlington, MA.


  • MIT Energy Fellowship
    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
    MIT Lemelson Engineering Innovation Presidential Fellowship
    MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering Salapatas Fellowship


  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
  • S.B., Materials Science and Engineering, MIT.


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