Investment Club
The Investment Club is a student-led organization that has established a strategy to invest a million dollars in five different sectors ( i.e. pharmaceutical, green, finance, agricultural, and merchandise). Each student is committed to researching their investment portfolio and providing an informative and persuasive presentation regarding the stock activity and the reasons to invest in that particular company. Currently the diverse portfolio consists of investments in two companies from each sector equating to a selection of ten companies that the students continue to monitor in order to enhance their revenue from their investments.

For more information about the Investment Club or interest in joining please contact Mani Simkhada (President)

2013-2014 Investment Club Members

President - Mani Raj Simkhada
Sector: Merchandise
Senior - Business Management

Vice President - Leonardo Silva
Sector: Finance
Sophomore - Business/ Accounting

Luis A Mora
Sector: Agriculture
Junior - Business Management

Jacob Johnson
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Junior - Business

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