The Business Society
The Business Society is a student-led organization in the Business Division at Eastern Nazarene College that aims to cultivate a student interest in business, encourage dedication to making improvements within the department, as well as connecting Eastern Nazarene College with local businesses and the business environment. The Business Society produces the annual Warren Business Forum.

For more information about the Business Society or if you are interested in joining, please contact Kellee Birnstiel or Leonardo Silva

2013-2014 Business Society Members

President - Leonardo Silva
Sophomore - Business Accounting
“I joined the Business Society because I wanted to make a difference. My expectations for this semester are to have students become more involved with the Business department and prepare them for when they graduate.”

Vice President - Nick Thompson
Senior - Business Accounting
“I am looking forward to making the Business Society a major club on campus, and presenting exciting events for students who are looking to further their experience at ENC and their careers.”

Public Relations Director - Kayla Harriman
Junior – Business Accounting
Department. I Love planning events and I am honored to work alongside my fellow classmates as we serve the community and college.”

Marketing Officer - Zachary Johnson
Junior – Business Marketing
“I joined to gain business experience, be more involved in the business department.”

Financial officer - Jacob Johnson
Junior – Business Accounting
“I joined the Business Society so that I can help the ENC Business Department prepare their students for the future, while also getting business experience for my own personal gain”

Zach Payne
Senior – Business Accounting

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