EN220-B Non-Canonical Voices: Ethnic Literature

Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts    credits: 3

One of two courses that satisfy the Non-Canonical Voices requirement for the Literatures in English major, EN220-B seeks to deepen the student awareness of marginalized voices in American literature. It focuses on the reading of prose fiction, poetry, drama, and the novel created by American writers emerging out of and giving voice to a variety of ethnic traditi ons. Among others, the class will consider literature produced by ethnicities such as Chinese-American, Chicano and Chicana, and Native American. While this course primarily serves the Literatures in English Major, students from other majors seeking a greater understanding of ethnic diversity in our society may also enroll. Alternates with EN220-A Non-Canonical Voices: African-American Literature. Prerequisites: CP100 or equivalent. Co-requisite: CP245, or equivalent.

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