SN499s Practicum Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (5-12)

Education    credits: 12

The student will spend at least 12 weeks (300 clock hours) in an inclusive general education setting or 150 hours in an inclusive general education setting and 150 hours in a separate or substantially separate setting for students with moderate disabilities. Local school districts cooperate by providing experiences in resource rooms and other special facilities. The student is expected to demonstrate competence as a teacher of students identified as having moderate special needs. Supervision will be provided by the supervising practitioner, the college supervisor, and school district administrators. Prerequisites: ED210, ED310, SN311, ED243, ED320, SN325, SN330 or SN335, RE441, SN420, a cumulative GPA of 2.5, approval of Teacher Education Faculty, pass all appropriate MTEL tests.

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