EG432 Embedded Systems

Engineering    credits: 3

Embedded Systems design will extend and integrate concepts from coursework in digital logic, microcomputers, applied electronics and signals and systems. This embedded system course is centered on implementing a special purpose application using current microcontrollers and their related support hardware and software. This course will use basic principles of systems engineering to develop a special purpose embedded system application, starting with systems requirements, high level block diagram and system function allocations, lower level system functions design and implementation, to systems simulation, integration and prototyping. The lab modules progressively build the expertise required to go through the design cycle. Express-PCB-SCH is used as a platform for implementing system simulation, schematic capture and design layout. Students will have an opportunity to go through the entire system engineering design cycle using this embedded systems design and development platform. Prerequisites: EG232/EG232L, EG351/EG351L, and EG332L

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