EG161L Introduction to Robotics Lab

Engineering    credits: 1

This lab introduces our students to the field of Engineering. The student designs and builds a LEGO computer controlled robot. Topics include electronic instrumentation, elementary work with circuits, electronics, digital logic, basic programming and computer architecture. An engineer is called upon to solve practical problems. In order to accomplish this, he/she needs to piece together various components developed by other engineers as well as acquire knowledge from other engineers. By combining the power of the LEGO building system with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education technology, teams of students can design, build, program, and test robots. Working together on guided and open-ended engineering projects, the team members can develop creativity and problem-solving skills along with other important mathematics and science knowledge. Students also become more skilled in communication, organization and research, all helping to prepare them for future success in higher levels of schooling and for the workplace. The ultimate prize is the students’ robotics design competition. Co-requisite: EG161.

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