All daytime and evening classes will resume at their normal time starting Thursday morning (1-29-15). This includes all traditional undergraduate and Adult and Graduate classes at all campus locations, including all ECE locations. 

Parking on and around campus is limited. Commuter students are encouraged to use public transportation or to carpool. The ENC shuttle to the E. Elm Campus and to the Old Colony Campus will leave the Wollaston T stop at 7:15am and 9:00am on Thursday Morning.

Campus Kinder Haus (CKH) will be closed tomorrow Thursday (1-29-15).

All campus offices will open on Thursday morning (1-29-15).

For more details, including a detailed shuttle schedule, go to:   HERE

PY322 Electricity and Magnetism

Physics    credits: 3

Develops electro- and magnetostatics by the use of vector methods. Studies circuit analysis employing Kirchhoff’s Laws. Gauss’ law, Faraday’s law of induction, and Ampere’s law are all treated in integral and differential forms. Studies electromagnetic properties of matter. Laboratory required. Prerequisites: PY202, MA212 or concurrent enrollment.

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