Department: Biology

Pre-Nursing Requirements

Preparatory courses of study are recommended courses based on a student’s vocational goals and desires for continued study on the graduate level. They do not represent individual majors, but courses of study to prepare students for further study in medicine, law, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or pharmacy. Preparatory programs may be taken in conjunction with any major and represent recommended sets of courses, not majors or minors. Students who desire to continue their educational pursuits in the following areas should consider the recommended course sequences outlined below.

Pre-Nursing Courses

BI103/BI103LIntroduction to Cell Biology and Genetics w/Lab
BI104/BI104LIntroduction to Ecology and Diversity w/Lab
BI105/BI105LIntroduction to Plants and Animals w/Lab
BI203/BI203LMusculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology w/Lab
BI204/BI204LSystematic Anatomy and Physiology w/Lab
BI352/BI352LMicrobiology w/Lab
CH101/CH101LIntroduction to Chemistry w/Lab
CH102/CH102LChemistry of Life w/Lab
CP100Critical Writing and Speaking
MA118Introduction to Statistics
PE222First Aid and CPR
PS110Introduction to Psychology
PS240Lifespan Development
SO110Intro to Sociology
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