Minor in Pre-Law

Department: History

Pre-Law(Minor) Requirements

Preparatory courses of study are recommended courses based on a student’s vocational goals and desires for continued study on the graduate level. They do not represent individual majors, but courses of study to prepare students for further study in medicine, law, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or pharmacy. Preparatory programs may be taken in conjunction with any major and represent recommended sets of courses, not majors or minors. Students who desire to continue their educational pursuits in the following areas should consider the recommended course sequences outlined below.


The Pre-Law Program at Eastern Nazarene College emphasizes a strong liberal arts perspective and stresses academic skills that will challenge students in the quest for new knowledge and professional growth. ENC has an outstanding record of placing graduates in prestigious law schools. Students interested in a career in law need to know that the American Bar Association and the Law School Admission Council do not require or encourage undergraduate majors in law. At the undergraduate level, selection of a particular program of study is less important than the acquisition of skills for precise writing, clear thinking and reasoning. Students heading for law schools are advised to select any major that challenges them academically and forces them to think. Programs at ENC that have successfully placed students in law schools are: History, English, Social Work, Psychology, and Business, but almost any major, if pursued with diligence, would prepare a student for law school.

Pre-Law Minor Requirements

Students with a serious interest in law (those intending to enter law school or those seeking to enhance their liberal arts education with a deeper understanding of the law) are encouraged to take a minor in Pre-Law. The Pre-Law minor consists of the following five courses (15 credits). GO452 has GO210 as a prerequisite. CO410 has CO120 as a prerequisite. While not part of the minor, students are encouraged to take accounting courses as electives.

PH331Critical Thinking and Logic
C0410Persuasion and Argumentation
BA411Business Law
G0452Seminar in Law and Society
G0455Seminar in Christianity and the Law
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