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BA in Literatures in English

Department: English

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

  • Earn minimum of 123 Graduation Credits
  • Meet minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Pass Senior Seminar for Literatures in English and the Oral Comprehensive Exam
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements:
    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

Literatures in English(BA) Requirements

General Education Required Selections

Social Science Requirement
PS110Introduction to Psychology3

Literatures in English Core Requirements

Credits: 32     Minimum: C-

CO120Introduction to Speech Communication3
CO210Introduction to Applied Linguistics3
EN201Theoretical Approaches to Literature3
EN202-LSophomore Writing Lab1
EN223Foundations of Literature in English3
EN324Transatlantic Literature: Enlightenment and Romanticism3
EN325Transatlantic Literature: Victorian Era3
EN430Transatlantic Literature: Modernism and Post Modernism3
EN491Senior Seminar for the Literatures in English Major: Literature3
EN491-LSenior Writing Lab1
JW150Introduction to Creative Writing3

Non-Canonical Voices Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

EN220-ANon-Canonical Voices: African-American Literature
EN220-BNon-Canonical Voices: Ethnic Literature

World Literature Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

EN250World Literature: World Mythology
EN280European Renaissance
TR336World Drama
JW394International Short-Short Story

Major Authors Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

EN260-AMajor Authors: Austen and the Brontës
EN260-BMajor Authors: C. S. Lewis

Genre Studies Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

EN395Genre Studies: Mystery Fiction and Film
JW394International Short-Short Story
TR150Theatre and Culture
TR336World Drama

Novels Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

EN421Novels: American
EN422Novels: British
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