BA in Journalism and Writing

Department: Communication Arts

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

  • Earn minimum of 123 Graduation Credits
  • Pass Senior Seminar for Journalism and Writing and the Oral Comprehensive Exam
  • Meet minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements:
    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

This department requires specific General Education Requirements course choices:

Math requirement
MA118Intro to Statistics3
Social Science requirement
GO210American Political Institutions3

Journalism and Writing(BA) Requirements

Journalism and Writing Core Requirements

Choose: All     Credits: 26     Minimum: C-

CO120Introduction to Speech Communication3
CO210Introduction to Linguistics3
EN201Theoretical Approaches to Literature3
EN202-LSophomore Writing Lab1
EN430Modernism and Post Modernism3
JW150Introduction to Creative Writing3
JW205Introduction to Print Journalism3
JW394International Short, Short Story3
JW491Senior Seminar for the Journalism and Writing Major3
JW491-LSenior Writing Lab1

Editing and Publishing Requirement

Choose: 2     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW295Editing and Publishing1.5
JW395Editing and Publishing1.5
JW495Editing and Publishing1.5

Media Writing Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW215Writing Across the Media
CO450Storytelling Across the Media

Writing Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW312Poetry Writing
CO410Persuasion and Argumentation

Genre Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW315Feature Writing and Beat Reporting
TR362Writing for Stage and Screen

Special Topics

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW317Writing Autobiography
CO325Promotional Writing

Design Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW281Digital Photography
CO250Graphic Design
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