AA in Early Childhood Education

Department: Education

Early Childhood Education(AA) Requirements

Required General Education Courses

Credits: 29    

First Year Experience1
CP100Critical Writing3
CP150Christian Tradition3
CP195The West in the World since 15003
CP245Literature and Culture3
CP250The Bible in Current Perspective3
PE001Physical Education Activity.5
PE222First Aid and CPR.5
Required Social Science
PS110Introduction to Psychology3
PS240Lifespan Development3
PS342Child Development3
Cultural Perspective option (choose one) 3 credits
CP235Arts and Music3
CP290East meets West: Western Philosophy and Globalization3

Required Education Courses

Credits: 18     Minimum: C

EC325Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods I3
EC330Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods II3
ED210Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education3
ED243Educational Technology3
ED310Educational Psychology3
RE441Teaching Reading and Children’s Literature3


Credits: 12     Minimum: C-

EC399Preschool/Kindergarten Associate Degree practicum12
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