BA in Communication Arts

Department: Communication Arts

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

  • Earn a minimum 123 Graduation Credits
  • Pass Senior Seminar for the Communication Arts major and the Oral Comprehensive Exam
  • Meet minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements:
    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

Communication Arts(BA) Requirements

Communication Arts Core

Choose: All     Credits: 31     Minimum: C-

CO120Introduction to Speech3
CO150Introduction to Media Studies3
CO210Introduction to Applied Linguistics3
CO313Theories and Processes of Communications3
CO325Promotional Writing3
CO410Persuasion and Argumentation3
CO450Storytelling Across the Media3
CO491Senior Seminar for the Communication Arts Major3
CO491-LSenior Writing Lab1
EN430Modernism and Post Modernism3
TR150Theatre and Culture3

Editing & Publishing Requirement

Choose: 2     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW295Editing and Publishing1.5
JW395Editing and Publishing1.5
JW495Editing and Publishing1.5

Journalism Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW205Introduction to Print Journalism
JW215Writing Across the Media
JW315Feature Writing and Beat Reporting

Creative Writing Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

JW150Introduction to Creative Writing
JW312Poetry Writing
JW317Writing Autobiography
JW394International Short Short Story
TR362Writing for Stage and Screen

Design Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C-

CO250Graphic Design
JW281Digital Photojournalism
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