BS in Biology

Department: Biology

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

  • Fulfill all department major requirements
  • Earn minimum of 123 graduation credits
  • Pass department comprehensive exam
  • Meet minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements:
    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

Biology Core

Choose: 7     Credits: C-     Minimum: 19

BI103/BI103LIntroduction to Cell Biology w/Lab4
BI104/BI104LIntroduction to Ecology and Diversity w/Lab4
BI105/BI105LIntroduction to Plants and Animals w/Lab4
BI290Biology Seminar 11
BI390Biology Seminar 22
BI490Biology Seminar 31
BI499Senior Research3

Biology Focus Area Requirements and Options

Each degree requires a varying number of credits for each area. Students choose courses from the lists below to fulfill the credit requirements.

Focus Area I: Cell and Molecular

Choose: 1 with Lab     Minimum: C-

BI213Genetics Lab3
BI220Forensic Science AND3
BI220LForensic Science Lab2
BI231Analytical Methods AND3
BI231LAnalytical Methods Lab2
BI310Bioinformatics AND3
BI310LBioinformatics Lab2
BI393Cell Biology AND3
BI394Cell Biology and Immunology Lab3
BI431Current Topics in Biology3
BI491Biochemistry Lab3
BI492Biochemistry I3
BI493Biochemistry II3

Focus Area II: Field and Ecology

Choose: 1 with lab     Minimum: C-

BI221Invertebrate Zoology AND3
BI221LInvertebrate Zoology Lab2
BI275Freshwater Biology3
BI280Marine Biology3
BI285LAquatic Biology Lab3
BI343Field Problems In Ecology and Anthropology AND3
BI343LField Problems Ecology and Anthropology Lab2
BI431Current Topics in Biology3
BI431LCurrent Topics in Biology Lab3
BI480Conservation Biology AND3
BI480LConservation Biology Lab3
EV201Environmental Science AND3
EV201LEnvironmental Science Lab1
EV331Topics in Environmental Science3
EV331LTopics in Environmental Science Lab3

Focus Area III: Organismal

Credits: C-    

BI203Muscoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology3
BI203LMuscoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology Lab2
BI204Systemic Anatomy and Physiology3
BI204LSystemic Anatomy and Physiology Lab2
BI260General Botany3
BI260LGeneral Botany Lab2
BI352LMicrobiology Lab2
BI370Comparative Anatomy and Embryology3
BI370LComparative Anatomy and Embryology Lab2
BI431Current Topics in Biology3
BI431LCurrent Topics in Biology Lab3
BI451LPhysiology Lab2

Biology(BS) Requirements

The Bachelor of Science is the appropriate degree for those students desiring to pursue graduate study in Biology or preparation in the health professions. Students are required to:

  • Fulfill all General Degree requirements
  • Fulfill all General Education requirements
  • Fulfill all Biology Core requirements, 19 credits
  • Biology or Environmental Science, additional electives 200 Above - at least one course 400 level with lab, 9 credits

Biology Focus Area Electives

Minimum one class with lab from each area

  • Focus Area I: Cell and Molecular and Lab
  • Focus Area II: Field and Ecology
  • Focus Area III: Organismal


Choose: All     Credits: C-    

CH103/ CH103LGeneral Chemistry I w/Lab4
CH104/CH104LGeneral Chemistry II w/Lab4
CH321/CH321LOrganic Chemistry I w/Lab6
CH322/CH322LOrganic Chemistry II w/Lab5
MA151Calculus I4
PY201/PY201LGeneral Physics I w/Lab5
PY202/PY202LGeneral Physics II w/Lab5

Choose Math or Chemistry Cognate

Choose: 1    

MA118Introduction to Statistics3
CH231/CH231LAnalytical Chemistry w/Lab5

Internship Requirement

Minimum: S

Choose BI288/BI388/BI488 Internship

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