BA in History Education

Department: History

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

This department requires specific General Education Requirements course choices:

Social Science
GO210American Political Institutions3

History Core

Choose: 2     Credits: 6     Minimum: C

HI310Critical Readings in History3
HI493Department Thesis3

History Education(BA) Requirements

American History Sequence

Choose: 2     Credits: 6     Minimum: C

HI223Colonial and Revolutionary America3
HI224Forging of a New Nation3
HI225History of the US: 1865-19193
HI226History of the US: 1920-Present3

European History Sequence

Choose: 2     Credits: 6     Minimum: C

HI227Ancient Mediterranean World3
HI228Medieval Europe3
HI229Early Europe: 1500-18153
HI230Modern Europe: 1815-Present3

Non-Western History Requirement

Choose: 1     Credits: 3     Minimum: C

HI350Topics in Non-Western History3

Upper Level

Choose: 3     Credits: 9     Minimum: C

HI311Military History3
HI337History of Science & Christianity3
HI340History of International Relations, 1945-present3
HI346America in the 1960s3
HI347History/Culture of the American South3
HI353History of the Civil Rights Movement3
Cross listed as GO371
The Conservative Imagination3
HI399Special Topics in History3
HI410Seminar in American History3
HI420Seminar in European History3
HI499Special Topics in History3

Independent Study

A student who wishes to work on a project with a faculty member may ask that instructor to supervise an Independent Study (HI 496). A detailed plan of study, drawn up by the instructor and the student, is required. Ordinarily faculty members do not supervise Independent Studies on topics covered in regularly scheduled classes.

HI496Independent Study

Foreign Language

History Education majors are encouraged to develop competence in one or more foreign languages and to use this competence in their historical reading and research. Knowledge of a foreign language is particularly important for students planning graduate work.

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