BA in Computer Science

Department: Engineering

Degree Requirements For All Majors In Department

  • Fulfill all department major requirements
  • Earn minimum of 123 Graduation Credits
  • Pass Department Comprehensive Exam
  • Meet minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements:
    • First Year Experience, 2 credit
    • Cultural Perspectives Requirements, 30 credits
    • Physical Education Skills, 2 credits
    • Lab Science, 4 credits
    • Math requirement, 3 credits
    • Social Science requirement, 3 credits

Computer Science Core Requirements for BA and BS

Choose: ALL     Credits: 19     Minimum: C-

CS121Introduction to Computer and Information Science3
CS131Introduction to Programming I3
CS132Introduction to Programming II3
CS220/CS220LAdvanced Microcomputer Interfacing and Lab4
CS221Data Structures & Algorithms3
CS310Data Telecommunication and Networks3

Computer Science(BA) Requirements

  • Fulfill all General Degree Requirements
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements
  • Fulfill all Computer Science Core Requirements

Computer Science (BA) Additional Requirements

Choose: All     Credits: 12     Minimum: C-

CS322Database Systems3
CS331Operating Systems3
CS325Introduction to Design3
CS451-ASenior Design Project3
CS451-BSenior Design Presentation3

Computer Science (BA) Electives

Choose: 2     Credits: 6     Minimum: C-

CS322Database Systems3
CS331Operating Systems3
CS410Java Programming3
CS420Topics in Computer Science3

Required Cognates (BA)

Choose: All     Credits: 18     Minimum: C-

EG161/EG161LIntroduction to Robotics and Lab4
EG232/EG232LDigital Logic and Lab4
MA118Introduction to Statistics3
MA171Discrete Mathematics3
PY102/PY102LPhysical Science and Lab4
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