Theatre Arts Objectives

The mission of the Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts Department at Eastern Nazarene College is to serve God, the church, and the world by bringing the Word alive in each of our students. This work involves exposing students to investigations of language’s power and expanding their awareness of how linguistic constructs open themselves up to diverse and divergent interpretations. Viewing each of our students as creations of a creative and communicating God, the department strives to sharpen their critical and creative faculties by developing their capacities to read with imagination, think and write critically, and make the word incarnate on the stage.


  1. Students will know and be able to recognize various movements in arts and literature.
  2. Students will understand and be able to use the composition process to think critically, analyze, and problem solve.
  3. Students will know basic aesthetic principles useful to conveying information with clarity and interest.
  4. Students will be able to communicate orally and in writing in a manner that effectively conveys their ideas.
  5. Making use of their analytical skills, students will be able to analyze and critique aspects of today’s culture and its relationship to Christian values.
  6. Through the study of literature and art, students will cultivate a broader sympathy for the human experience.
  7. Through collaboration with other students, students will hone their interpersonal skills, preparing themselves for work in a diverse environment.
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