Psychology Department Objectives

To prepare students for graduate school in the field, and/or employment in fields where a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is beneficial, in a distinctively Christian context that helps students integrate their faith and their discipline in their personal and professional development.


  1. A student will be able to reflect upon and integrate Christian principles with the tenets of psychology.
  2. A student will be exposed to a broad background in psychological theory and research methods.
  3. A student will prepare for further professional development, graduate training, and/or employment in the field.
  4. A student will understand the complexities of development and dynamics of human behavior.
  5. A student will deepen self-awareness, appreciation of diversity, and acceptance of others.
  6. A student will enhance their oral and written communication skills by incorporating effective listening, constructive interpersonal communication, use of the American Psychology Association (APA) writing style, and other skills conducive to meaningful communication.
  7. A student will engage in fieldwork that provides an opportunity to integrate theory with practice.
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