Exercise and Sport Sciences Objectives


The mission of the Exercise and Sports Sciences department is to provide, within a distinctly Christian environment, the specialized training and education necessary to become a successful leader within the sport industry.


  1. To develop the necessary understanding from an application and pedagogical perspective so students are prepared to pursue a career in the sport sciences or further their education within the discipline.
  2. To provide an environment for students to practice critical thinking, problem solving, and developing ethical solutions.
  3. To foster individuality as a tool of sport science that achieves problem solving in a creative manner.
  4. To provide students with the ability to effectively communicate with diverse audiences verbally, in written texts, and through the use of multi-media presentations and mass communication.
  5. To articulate and foster Christian ethics as it pertains to sports science activities with the goal of integrating faith and learning throughout the sports science program.
  6. To display an understanding of and appreciation for diversity in sport and its potential benefits to resolving cultural issues.
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