Exercise and Sport Sciences Objectives

The mission of the Exercise Science/Sport Management Department is to provide, within a distinctly Christian environment, the specialized training and education necessary to become a successful leader within the sport industry. The department seeks to support the holistic education of students by providing a variety of theoretical and practical opportunities. Students are expected to demonstrate the skills necessary to respectfully engage in a diverse society. Students will learn to demonstrate the integration of faith and living as leaders of sport businesses, who not only solve problems with just solutions, but can articulate the reason for choosing the solution.


  1. Students will acquire knowledge in sport management core content areas, including management and leadership in sport, marketing, finance, communication, law, and sociology of sport.
  2. Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills, enabling students to comprehend and effectively analyze issues, make decisions, and form sound and well-based judgments.
  3. Students will show an appreciation of the relationship of music and art to sport and to other disciplines.
  4. Students will learn a variety of oral and written business and professional communications styles to aid in decision-making and building relationships in sport management.
  5. Students will develop an understanding of the professional and ethical obligations required of sport managers.
  6. Students will demonstrate respect for all dimensions of diversity by valuing various ways of knowing and doing.
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