Education Department Objectives

The mission of the Division of Teacher Education is to prepare graduates who are professional educators in a diverse society. We seek to serve the Church of the Nazarene and the church, in general, by equipping teachers for Christian leadership and service. We believe that the process of educating teachers must value both academic preparation grounded in the best available research, theory, and practice, and the immediate application of these concepts in real situations. This occurs through the integration of the liberal arts emphasis with professional studies. We, therefore, have established linkages between the Division of Teacher Education, all other academic divisions of the college, and public and private schools in the Greater Boston area that work with us to provide the best possible field placements for all students. There is a strong emphasis in the program on placing future teachers early and often in field placement settings. The fieldwork becomes the connecting component where students are able to begin to connect theory with practice and to establish who they are as teachers in classrooms. We work to provide professional study of a kind and quality necessary for licensure and graduate work in various fields by developing a defensible systemic view of education based upon sound principles. We work to foster professional responsibility which will manifest itself in continual educational growth, deep sensitivity to the needs of others, and true respect for each individual. We further strive to help those entering the teaching profession to develop and demonstrate a high level of teaching competency in the classroom.


  1. Teacher education candidates will develop skills in problem solving, professional exploration and reflective teaching.
  2. Teacher education candidates will develop skills to collaborate and cooperate with peers in the program as well as with the staff of the school in which prepracticum and practicum experiences occur.
  3. Teacher candidates will understand the integration of content knowledge, teaching pedagogy, process, and their inherent relationships as part of their development toward professional educators.
  4. Teacher candidates will understand that foundation studies for all Teacher Education includes a broadly-based liberal arts core curriculum, professional education studies and an understanding of the values and beliefs of the Christian world view.
  5. Teacher candidates will develop skills as reflective, effective, skilled facilitators of learning who are prepared to process information in a technologically advanced society and to adapt to different teaching settings, varying exceptionalities, and diverse cultural backgrounds.
  6. Teacher candidates will understand and model in the classroom a wide range of effective teaching/learning techniques, computer-based multimedia technologies, and the application of current and established research on teaching and learning.
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