Business Department Objectives

The Division of Business at Eastern Nazarene College seeks to graduate exceptional students by providing a transformative experience that builds professional competency, Christian character, and a global consciousness in preparation for a lifetime of leadership in faith and service.


  1. To develop proficiencies in applied and pedagogical business scholarship sufficient to pursuing a market driven career and/or continuing education at an advanced level.
  2. To emphasize and promote Christian ethics as it pertains to business activities, with the goal of integrating faith and learning throughout the business programs at the college.
  3. To provide experience in the effective application of written and oral communication skills in the professional development of students both individually and in teams.
  4. To cultivate skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis as applied to socially responsible business practices in order to improve society worldwide.
  5. To expand global awareness and cultural competencies in order to excel in the dynamic global business environment.
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