Exercise and Sport Sciences
DepartmentNumberTitle / DescriptionCredits
Exercise and Sport SciencesPE001/PE002Physical Education Activity: Non-Major Physical Education Activity Courses

Instructs in various areas such as weight training, badminton, archery, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, and games classes. Credit is also given for participation in any varsity sport that does not exceed two credit hours. Other options under this course are scuba, volleyball, tennis, basketball, speedball, soccer, weight training (men, women, or coed classes available), badminton, games, varsity physical education, team sports, and softball. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesPE222First Aid and CPR

Provides opportunity to become Red Cross Certified in (1) First Aid care and prevention of school related injuries, and (2) CPR for babies, children and adults. Occurs in a modified lecture format, supplemented by audiovisual teaching methods. Assessment is based on written examinations and skill performance. 

.5 cr. – non-majors
Exercise and Sport SciencesSM110Introduction to Sport Management

Studies the development of man, education, and man and movement. Emphasizes the philosophical and historical foundations of Sport Management, as well as the current and future trends in Sport Management. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM118Individual Sport Skills

Badminton, Track/Field, Golf, Tennis Theory and Skills. Concentrates on teaching the development of fundamental skills, techniques, and progressions. Provides an in-depth study of fundamental strategy and systems of play. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM119Team Sports Skills

Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball Theory and Skills. Concentrates on teaching the development of fundamental skills, techniques, and progressions. Provides an in-depth study of fundamental strategy and systems of play. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM252Personal Health and Wellness

An introduction to concepts and application of lifetime personal health and wellness. Topics include components of cardiovascular disease and risk factors, nutrition, weight management, relaxation techniques, sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse. The course includes practical application of certain topics through activities and portfolio assessment. The focus is upon individualization of activities so as to address particular needs and circumstances. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM350Psychology of Sport

Applies psychological principles to the understanding and coaching of sport. Emphasizes the emotional and attitudinal aspects of athletic performance and their impact on the performer. Offered in alternate years.

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM353Sociology of Sport

Acquaints students with the parameters that influence sport. Raises a number of issues regarding the nature and value of sports in our society. Topics cover violence in sports, sports and the media, the black athlete, women in sports, and the influence of behavior issues. Offered alternate years.

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM397Facilities and Event Management

This course introduces students with the scope and complexity of design, operation and upkeep of sport and recreation facilities. Predominant areas of focus will include facility design, trends, risk management, crowd management and event planning. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM440Organization and Administration Principles

A study of the aims and objectives of Sport Management as it relates to those of general education. This course focuses on the principles dealing with finance, facilities, sport marketing, scheduling and purchasing. It stresses legal issues and personnel management. 

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM445Internship in Sport Management

This experience, for a minimum of 350 hours, is designed to provide the student with a unique experience in a sport environment of his or her interest. The student is assigned to an agency that will allow the student experience in program planning, management instruction, or marketing. Prerequisites: Senior standing and approval of advisor.

Exercise and Sport SciencesSM498Practicum in Sport Management

A hands-on 100-hour minimum experiential learning opportunity that includes working under direct supervision as an administrative assistant with a sport or fitness program, assisting in Lahue Center, or working in ENC athletics. Prerequisite: Approval of advisor and department chair.

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