Communication Arts
DepartmentNumberTitle / DescriptionCredits
Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsAR203Introduction to Art History

A survey of the history of Western Art, with a focus on the visual as a language for communicating ideas and values. Covers fine arts genres (drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture) as well as artisanal products like pottery, utensils, jewelry, furniture, coins and other metal objects. Will explore technologies for mass producing images, such as wood cut, engraving, lithographs, print, and explore the impact of the technologies for reproducing art in the post- Renaissance rise of the print-based culture which is the foundation for our own society. Will work chronologically from the art of the Mediterranean world through major artistic periods through the rise of modernism. Four world-class art museums will be the classroom. 

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO120Introduction to Speech Communication

Studies public speaking, the listening process, audience analysis, speech topic selection, outlining and organization, visual aid and presentation styles, speaker credibility, delivery skills, and informing and persuading an audience. 

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO150Introduction to Media Studies

Studies the theories and processes of human communication and provides an overview of the mass communication industries, introducing all areas of professional work in radio, television, journalism and other mass communications, and illuminating the importance of communication in society. 

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO210Introduction to Applied Linguistics

Concerns teaching the English language and includes a study of the history of the English language, semantics, syntax, phonetics, phonology, morphology, dialects, grammar (traditional, structural, transformational), and usage. Also required by the Literatures in English major, the Journalism and Writing major and the Theatre Arts major. Prerequisite: CP100.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO250Graphic Design

Examines the basics of graphic design and layout, with emphasis on practical skills in manual design techniques and desktop publishing. Also satisfies the Design requirement in the Journalism and Writing major. 

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO313Theories and Processes of Communications

Study the theories and processes of human communication. Emphasis on interpersonal, group, and public communications, mass communication, and intercultural communication. Prerequisite: CO150 or permission of the instructor.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO325Promotional Writing

Focuses on writing for public relations and advertising, with a strong emphasis on the format, techniques, and elements essential for clear, concise promotional writing. In-class writing exercises, homework assignments and a final project/portfolio will provide students with practical experience in writing news releases, op-eds, web copy, advertising copy and more. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO410Persuasion and Argumentation

An advanced course designed to deepen the understanding and sharpen the skills of effective argumentation and debate. Practical application of persuasive speaking and writing techniques is emphasized. Also an option for the Journalism and Writing Major. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent, CO120, or permission of instructor.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO450Storytelling Across the Media

Designed to expose the Communication Arts Major to 21st century uses of narrative in communications using a wide variety of media. In this course students will sharpen their analytical skills as they consider the effectiveness of the different narrative techniques for various media. They will also hone their own narratological skills as they create their own communications using the strategies they have studied. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO488Praxis

Professional internship experience in any of the related fields of Communication Arts - radio, television, public relations, advertising, theatre, etc. A formal internship application procedure and preparatory course work for the required job skills must be completed with the department. May be repeated for experience in varying areas. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO491
Cross listed as EN491, JW491, TR491
Senior Seminar: Communication Arts

Tailored to help students produce their final writing project for the major. Combines a workshop format to allow ample attention to the specific demands of student projects.  Cross-listed with EN491, JW491, and TR491. Prerequisite: senior standing.

Language, Theatre, and Communication ArtsCO491-LSenior Writing Lab

 Co requisite CO491.

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